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Scar Tattooing: A Whole New Kind of Nasty

September 14th, 2006 by Jeff Simmermon

Apparently tattooing and good old-fashioned piercing aren’t enough for the kids these days. When I was a whippersnapper, we got Prince Alberts and huge tattoos we couldn’t really afford and we called it a day. Somebody’s always gotta keep ahead of the curve, though, and get something bigger, nastier, and more painful.

Like this young lady, who is probably going to get bored with herself in a year or two and get a manhole cover installed in her lower lip.


Apparently, that’s not red ink. That’s SCAR TISSUE. My friend Natasha sent me these photos which have been circulating Down Under for a while … no explanation, just these images of a potentially lovely young lady having her back scarred to look like bamboo. The following photos show the work in progress and should NOT be viewed by my mother or anyone who is trying to eat in the next few hours.

You’ve been warned.



That photo up there — it’s the freaking SKIN from her BACK. UGH. You can see the little pile of used razor blades in the right-hand corner there. The skin itself looks like pork rinds or earthworms, doesn’t it? You could catch a hell of a catfish with that stuff.




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