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Pretty Girl Eats Live Praying Mantis for Jesus

October 7th, 2007 by Jeff Simmermon

This girl, this beautiful young girl, just eats a LIVE praying mantis in this video. Even though I totally eat factory-farmed meat every chance I get: this is just WRONG.

If the scale were reversed, the mantis would have done the same thing to her. Even if the scale weren’t, it would have tried anyway. Mantids are fearless — they’ll go after anything that moves, including hummingbirds and human beings.

But in the beginning there, where the excited young man says “Two guys are coming to church because she’s eating this” … something about that just gives me the willies. That, and the tag line below the video on its Myspace page that says

My roommate eating a praying mantis. She’ll do pretty much anything for Jesus. Love it!

Although I probably would go check out their church if I thought they sat around eating live insects in worship service every Sunday morning. I’d probably bail on coffee hour, though.

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