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Big Gay Face Tattoo, Courtesy of the Constant Siege

June 18th, 2008 by Jeff Simmermon

I’m still doing a little tidying up here, as you may notice. Like most white people, I’ve been through renovations before, and they’re a bitch. Everything’s dusty and there’s no time to cook. All you can do is order takeout and eat it next to the paintbrushes and plaster buckets and then fall into bed.

Until I can get it back together, here’s some truly excellent blog pizza.

I found this photo and video on Clayton Cubitt’s routinely mind-blowing blog The Constant Siege. Cubitt’s a photographer, a great one, and just got back from a trip to New Zealand. This video is shot in Cubitt’s hotel (I think), of a Maori tribesman talking about his moko (face tattoo) and the way that homosexuality is viewed in his tribe.

Here’s a portrait …

Vic Taurewa Biddle

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