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Captain America as King Kong, Versus the Vampires. (On a Speeding Motorcycle.)

June 4th, 2008 by D.Billy

Online gallery & print store Dirty Pilot is currently featuring a set of wonderfully twisted Captain America-themed drawings by artist / musician / underground cultural icon Daniel Johnston on their site. Here are a couple of winners:

There’s more about Johnston on his official site, and some particularly interesting anecdotes in his Wikipedia entry, including this one:

During a tour with Sonic Youth, Daniel was arrested for scrawling the Jesus Fish across the inside of The Statue of Liberty. As he finished painting the inside, Daniel was seen wandering the streets of New York City. Eventually, after spending hours driving around the city, he was located by the members of Sonic Youth. On a bus ride home from that same trip, he observed cow skulls littering the desert of Texas and came under the impression that the state was under the control of Satan. After getting off at the wrong stop, Daniel wandered around a foreign city all night. After entering the home of an elderly woman he believed was possessed by demons, the woman jumped from her second-story window in fright and broke both of her ankles. Other manic behavior Johnston displayed includes hitting his manager in the head with a lead pipe, and forcing his brother, Dick, under a shower, under the impression that the water would rid his ‘demons’.

My first exposure to Daniel Johnston came years ago when a friend played me a recording of him teaming up with Yo La Tengo on his song “Speeding Motorcycle” — on a live radio show, with the band in the studio and Johnston singing over the phone. Here is that recording, set to some arbitrary motocross footage:

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