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D.Billy in Bushwick

November 19th, 2008 by D.Billy

I was pleasantly surprised by the reactions to Jeff’s previous post about my artstuffs — a belated thanks to everyone who reblogged or contacted me for more info — so I thought I’d share a few pics from my most recent outing.

Clang Clang Clang Clang Clang

(More after the jump.)

Bushwick, the Brooklyn ‘hood that I moved to this summer, is a great neighborhood for these projects. I started this round with a tapewriting installation that ran for two floors in the stairwell of my building, as part of Arts In Bushwick‘s “BETA Spaces” event:


Then the following weekend, a Washington DC-based artist / videographer by the name of Brandon Bloch came up to document some of these site works for a series of artist profiles that he’s been working on. I met Brandon years ago, and we ran into one another at gallery openings here and there when I lived in DC. I’m glad I stayed on his radar when I boomeranged back up North, ’cause he grilled me about my process for a good two hours, which forced me to dust off some parts of my brain that hadn’t been getting enough of a workout. And then we shot video of those first two installations (the CLANGs and the KLOMPs) so that they can be stop-motion animated, which I think will add a fun new dimension to the work. I’ll post those videos once they’re out of the hopper.

Back outdoors, it was too windy to break out the balloons, and I’d walked by a couple of spots that generated ideas outside of the onamonapoeic realm. So I did a little pre-prep in the studio — which I haven’t typically done for these site works — cutting and painting some masonite and cardboard, in order to perform these little conversions:


A rusty welded metal cover for a window air conditioner turned into a TV set, and a fire / police call box flipped to be a drive-thru speaker.

Drive Thru

Hamburger … 5
Big Hamburger … 9
Really Big Hamburger … 28
Fries … sm 3 / lg 13
Poison Milkshake … sm 2 / lg 35

More photos of these and other site interventions, as well as images of my drawing/collage work can be found here or here. Enjoy!

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