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Fast Food Frankensteins : The Dessert Edition

September 10th, 2008 by D.Billy

As we near the one-year anniversary of Jeff’s McDonalds-as-pizza-toppings post that the internets loved so well, the Universe has seen fit to bestow upon us a sequel of sorts.  While traveling through Nebraska, Flickr user matthewnstoller and one of his friends happened upon a food cart touting this lovely piece of work:

“What’s a Hot Beef Sundae?

Golden mashed potatoes covered with a generous portion of our roasted and seasoned-to-perfection top round beef.  Then aged cheddar cheese, more golden mashed potatoes smothered with our special beef gravy, more aged cheddar cheese, a slice of buttered toast, and a cherry tomato on top.

A delightfully satisfying meal that you will crave time after time, year after year.


Now, some folks prefer popsicles or ice cream bars to sundaes.  (Even sundaes laden with drippy, seasoned meats and cheeses.) It’s true, the popsicle format does offer a more streamlined eating experience and leaves less to be discarded in the end, making it arguably the greener dessert choice between the two.  So in the name of variety, convenience, and protecting the environment, the good people of Nebraska also offer us… Pizza-On-A-Stick.

What’s next?  A spaghetti milkshake?

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