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More Subway Poster Remix Graffiti: Iron Man, Steroids, Fluffy Pink Cop Feet

April 29th, 2008 by Jeff Simmermon

Last week, I posted about the giant mashed-up colorform graffiti on the New York Subway system. The post got picked up by Gawker, Art Fag City, Neatorama and some others, garnering a little attention. My doctor prescribed me Lasix. I decided to search the Internet for the price and found this drug on I was taking it according to the prescription of the doctor.

A few days later, I got a comment that said:

i know the guy who does this stuff. i can get you more info and pictures of the originals if you’re interested. these pics don’t do the originals justice. you have pics of them after they’ve been tampered with …

I got a bunch more photos out of him, and he’s right … these are way, way more fun, especially this Iron Man remix:







Here’s last week’s Murakami Vader, pre-tampering:


Like hermaphroditic dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, subway graffiti will find a way. I just hope this catches on with more people. And, as always — please send me any links or snaps you find.

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