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Murakami Vader Pounds a Brew: Chopped Up Remixed Subway Star Wars Posters

April 21st, 2008 by Jeff Simmermon

Those great big billboard ads you see on the subway are nothing but giant peel-and-stick Coloforms, really. I love the accidental collages you see when people randomly pick and peel those thing like they’re great big scabs, and I just knew it was a matter of time before someone started making art out of them.

Then I saw this ad for Star Wars that had been chopped and remixed with bits from a beer ad and a poster for a Takashi Murakami exhibit and I heard a horde of angels singing a song titled “Shit Yeah!”:

Murakami Vader Drinks a Beer

You can see the whole billboard and a gold-bikini Princess Leia mixed with Iron Man after the jump …

These were all at the Lorimer stop on the L train, but will doubtlessly spread throughout the city soon enough. Here’s the whole billboard:


Somebody had cut the face out of an Iron Man advertisement and crookedly stuck it back on over its own hole. It was right next to another Star Wars billboard featuring Carrie Fisher in a gold metal bikini, and just BEGGED to be slapped on there … and I was powerless to resist:


I love how you can see Leia’s curly Sharpie moustache sticking out from under the metal mask. Again, here’s the whole ad:


Here goes the Iron Man face on an ad for some sort of reality program starring Deion Sanders, a program that would be infinitely improved by Deion wearing the Iron Man mask at all times:


If you know where I can see more of these, or have pics of your own, please send ‘em to me at andiamnotlying(AT)gmail(DOT)com …

Update: Here’s another one, a little tough to make out at this size. Click for a larger view, or:

Eat Her Head, Fat Hitler

If you liked this, here’s more art and music from the New York Subway:

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