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Paul McCarthy : Flush Twice and Light a Giant Match

August 12th, 2008 by D.Billy

Today’s edition of The Guardian brings us one of the best headlines that we have ever seen anywhere:

“Giant Dog Turd Wreaks Havoc at Swiss Museum.”

Just take that in for a second.

Okay, good.

Now, the turd in question is a mammoth-sized inflatable sculpture by Paul McCarthy, entitled “Complex Shit”, pictured here:

As noted in the Guardian article, the sculpture got caught in a storm and broke loose of its moorings outside of the Paul Klee Centre in Berne, Switzerland … (insert “loose stool” joke here) … and sailed through the air almost 660 feet, knocking down a power line and breaking a window before ultimately — and this is beautiful — landing outside of a childrens home.

For those of you unfamiliar with Paul McCarthy, he is known for his off-kilter performance and video pieces, described as (quoting from his Wikipedia article, for the sake of pure laziness on my part):

…psychosexual events intended to fly in the face of social convention, testing the emotional limits of both artist and viewer. An example of this is his 1976 piece Class Fool, where McCarthy threw himself around a ketchup spattered classroom at the University of California, San Diego until dazed and injured. He then vomited several times and inserted a Barbie doll into his rectum. The piece ended when the audience could no longer stand to watch his performance.

…and for sculptures such as this one, where an animatronic man incessantly humps a tree:

So I can’t say for sure, but it’s my guess that McCarthy probably thinks this whole airborne deuce debacle is pretty effing funny. Lord, I know I sure do. My doctor prescribed me Tramadol. I decided to search the Internet for cheap Tramadol Ultram and found this drug on I was taking it according to the prescription of the doctor.

Somebody light a match!

(Story brought to our attention via Art Fag City. Photos via, lamazone, and louipote on Flickr.)

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