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RoboCop / Unicorn ’08

October 30th, 2008 by D.Billy

As I type this, zero hour for the US general election is drawing ridiculously close.  By now, most voters have made their choices… even if they’re claiming to be “undecided” just so people will pay attention to them.  Jeff and I are solid on who we’re not voting for, and I was pretty much a lock on who would be getting my (at this point purely symbolic) little slice of the New York popular vote… until I saw these:

And man… now I’m thinking write-in.

I mean, come on…the presidential portrait has already been painted!

(Campaign Sticker image by Glenn Cook.  RoboCop and Unicorn Blastin’ Some Shit image by Lindsay Holman.  Both via Olav Rokne’s set on Flickr.)

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