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San Diego Has a Mighty Herd : The Majestic Centurion Justice Alliance

October 1st, 2008 by D.Billy


If so you should join San Diego’s only herd known as the MAJESTIC CENTURION JUSTICE ALLIANCE.

With the Renaissance Fair only a few months away, the M.C.J.A. is trying to recruit as many local Centaurs as possible to show the fair that San Diego has a mighty herd.

If interested, we meet every Wednesday at the Alpha Horse’s stable in La Mesa at 8:00 P.M.

Please call: Chiron at


Awesome, awesome, awesome. Many times over.

But hey, since we’re already in Nerdville here, I may as well run for Mayor:

Evidently, “vi ses snart” is “see you soon” in Swedish. But Centaurs are creatures of Greek mythology, which bleeds over into Roman mythology because the Romans were lazy culture thieves who just slapped a wheelchair and a mohawk onto the same gods and creatures, and hoped no one would notice … so Greek or Latin might be appropriate, but where the eff does Swedish enter into the equation? Also, Chiron wasn’t technically a centaur, so… um… take that, questionably named Alpha Horse of the Majestic Centurion Justice Alliance.

Now I shall go and cry about the fact that I actually know these things, and that I cared enough to type them and hit “publish”. (Especially after I admonished my friend Nathan this past weekend to “stop deconstructing the internet funny”.)

Oh well. If you need me, I’ll be in some dude’s garage in La Mesa, dragging a fake horse’s ass on wheels around behind me and working on my battle whinny.

(Image yoinked from Photo Basement.)

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