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Transforming the Trifold : Doctored Science Fair Photos

September 17th, 2008 by D.Billy

Grab your judge’s clipboard and head down to the gym to check out these blue-ribbon science fair Photoshops from Flickr user Dr. Monster (a.k.a. illustrator / designer Travis Pitts):

After the jump: testing the feline semiconductor, the prohibitive cost of white cardboard, and a sadlarious bribery attempt.

Even more winners on Travis’s Flickr page.

UPDATE: After BoingBoing ran a couple of these and one of the subjects in one of the original photographs found them and expressed his displeasure at his science fair project being Photoshopped and having the result bounced around the innernauts, Travis decided to remove these photos from his Flickr page, and BoingBoing took them down as well.  While I’m all for being neighborly, my feeling is that a good ol’ fashioned face-blur — such as the one I’ve applied here — should suffice to save any particular kid from being mistaken for a cat-electrocutor or juvenile pervert, and the world still gets a laugh.  Everybody wins!  -D.

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