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Funky Bald Lady Brings It On the L Train In Front of Bouncy Rides

July 20th, 2009 by Jeff Simmermon

The five minutes I spent seeing the band below play on the L train platform at Union Square were way better than the hour and a half I spent in the theater watching “Bruno” immediately afterwards.

But this isn’t a film review here – this is exactly why I live in New York. I just spent a little time in Missoula, and while there were plenty of dirty dreadlocks and bongos out in the street out there, there wasn’t NOTHIN’ like this. This was like The Flaming Lips meets Soul Jazz with just a touch of the bear-and-a-BJ clip from the Shining.

I accidentally covered the mike on my phone with my thumb there for about 30 seconds or so. The sound’ll come back, don’t worry:

At first when I heard the drums and saw the dreadlocks I was like “oh, great. Hippies.” But man, it was so much more. The bald-headed woman dancing in the sneakers was so beautiful and confident, just magnetic — and that horn line’s been running through my head all weekend.

Then I saw the guy in the furry fish costume over there, jigging his legs and holding the sign offering “Free Bouncy Rides.” He just happened to be there, unrelated to the band. Apparently it’s a whole thing that’s been going on this summer. And I got so creeped out and happy, all at once.

That’s pretty much what I live for, something uplifting and weird. Couple that with a burger, some bourbon and a kiss from my girlfriend and I’m all set.

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