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Performing With the BTK Band at Stonewall Inn on Wednesday March 4th

February 28th, 2009 by Jeff Simmermon

I’ll be telling a story onstage at the legendary Stonewall Inn next Wednesday night, if any of you are so inclined. This is perfect, actually — I have a big show coming up in late March, and this should be a perfect short-term deadline to write the story, test it out, and generally get my shit together.

The show is with Peter Aguero’s BTK band. I know Peter from The Moth and other live story shows in New York — here’s a bit of copy about him and the band:

Peter Aguero is an off-off Broadway actor, writer, storyteller, comedian, and asshole. He’s appeared on MTV, Comedy Central, and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. He has taught improvisation at the T. Schreiber Studio and is the lead story instructor for The Moth’s outreach program. His filthy storytelling CD, “graphicvulgarlunacy vol II: Jacoby Appliance Parts,” was released worldwide by Your Mom records. It’s not for children or the clergy. Peter loves his mom.

The BTK Band is an improvised storytelling rock band. Combining hard rock, louche tendencies, and the best of storytelling in New York, the band takes a story, sets it to a backbeat, and turns a tale into a song – one that had previously never existed and will never again. An ongoing experiment, every show is different. The BTK Band straddles the edges of comedy, blasphemy, & pure filth; always one misstep away from absolute disaster.

I’ve been a part of Peter’s musical improv storytelling before. And trust me, I was a little skeptical myself based on the description, but it was really, really cool. Basically, I started telling my story as the band played — and at some point in the narrative, Peter gently pushed me out of the way and began singing a chorus based on the story thus far, then handed the mike back to me to continue. As the story went on, we both got more and more into it, and it was a lot of fun.

Was it good? I have no idea. I think so. I was pretty amazed at Peter’s part of it, but I am so self-deprecating about my own stuff that I am not a reliable source. You’d have to hunt down the 15-20 people that happened to be at that particular bar to ask them. But it sure was fun doing it, and the other performers working with the BTK band sure were good.

Here’s the deal on the show, from Peter’s e-mail:

Show’s at 9. Bring a 5 minute story, a phrase (or theme or title), and think of 2 or 3 logical spots to break for the chorus. It is also mandatory to bring a drink on stage.

The BTK Band
Live at the Stonewall Inn
53 Christopher St, New York City
Wednesday, March 4th 9pm

Guest performers:
Andy Christie
Jeff Simmermon
Adam Wade

Hope to see you there.

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