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And I Am Not Lying: We’re Doing It Live December 5th

October 26th, 2010 by Jeff Simmermon

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A few posts back, I announced my grand scheme to turn this blog into a touring cavalcade of neurosis and nudity. I figured it’s the only thing I daydream about that doesn’t involve jetpacks or ED-209 robots, so I might as well tell as many people as possible and kinda socially paint us into a corner hard enough to make it happen.

I can’t speak for David, Brad or Cyndi here, but I feel this constant pressure to push out the weirdness every chance that I get. Sometimes when I get home from a long day of corporate blogging I just lay there in the dark with half a migraine and a loosened necktie. I get where no screens can reach me for a minute and I just try to breathe through the black bird sitting on my chest telling me that I’m one day closer to death, one day closer to going blind and I haven’t done enough to leave enough behind.

That’s why it thrills me to announce that me and Cyndi Freeman, D.Billy, Brad Lawrence, Heidi Grumelot and the fine folks at Horse Trade Theatre are going put on the very first And I Am Not Lying live show on Sunday, December 5th at 7PM. You’ll see stories from me, Brad and Cyndi, burlesque from Cyndi and a special guest, and some other guest talent that we haven’t exactly nailed down yet. But man, it should be fun. When I told Brad and Cyndi about the tour, they said “great Idea, but let’s keep the cart and the horse in the same ZIP code at least and do a trial show.”

Which totally makes sense.

Tickets will be seven bucks at the door, largely to pay the Horse Trade people and rent the theatre space. We’re also hoping to tape the show and edit each piece out to share online so you folks outside New York can follow along at home.

That ought be a scarecrow for that black bird for a little while, anyway. Or at least give his fine feathered self something else to talk about. Now he can whisper about how my stories aren’t good enough, how those need more work — and frankly, that commentary is not fun to hear but it makes the end result a LOT better.

Hope you guys can make it.

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