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Bigfoot Really Does Have Beautiful Hair

August 25th, 2010 by Cyndi Freeman

Since seeing the Episode of the Six Million Dollar man in which Steve Austen battled Bigfoot (Played by Ted Cassidy), I have been fascinated with the Legend of Bigfoot.

As a kid I was intrigued by the fact that a monster COULD exist, and so I went to my Jr High School library and took out a book called The Search for Bigfoot. Written by Peter Byrne – whose bragged in his introduction that he was “…the only man alive who has made a profession out of this extraodinary search and through the support  of many dedicated associates and sponsors, continues that profession on a full time basis twelve months of the year.”

I found that just as fascinating as the monster. What kind of person decides “I am going to hunt Bigfoot for a living!” And my family thought I was plotting a life of silly risks wanting to be an actress!

Since age 12, I have watched hundreds of hours of cryptozoology programming in which Bigfoot is never ever found. If I am stressed, the thing that will distract me more than anything is Bigfoot stuff. This mild obsession has been my solace during many a dark sleepless nights. But again, it is not just the monster that makes me smile…it is the folks who claim to have seen him.

I think my heart connects mostly with the people who spend there lives hunting for the creature. Generic Cialis 20mg best buy on for ED treatment. I think this is because it is a quest even harder than being an artist and that strikes as madly heroic. I have spent a lifetime defending my “lifestyle,” as my mother calls it. I want to know what do these guys say when asked by a hottie sitting on the next bar stool, “So what do you do when your not here drinking.” Or when a well meaning relative asks “So when are you going to get a real job?”

Granted, I am not the only performer whose parents tried to discourage.

I have read countless books and articles on the subject dating back to 1871. My latest fun read was: Anatomy of a Beast: Obsession and Myth on the Trail of Bigfoot by Micheal McLeod, who points out facts like: in an ancient Tebetan dialect, Yeti actually means Snow Bear….not Snow Man. His book goes into gorgeous detail about the lives of Bigfoot searchers. Men like like Roger Patterson.

I am sure you have seen the famous Roger Patterson film of the illusive creature

Paterson was always a charismatic thrill seeker and long before he captured the worlds imagination with his infamous film, he was pursuing the lime light. As a teenager he and his brothers created a tumbling act and made extra money staging exhibitions, he spent a short time touring europe as an acrobat, before making a name himself on the rodeo circuit, riding bulls and saddle broncs. A man “who disdained full time work,” he would spend hours inventing gadgets in his shed and was always trying to dream up the “next big thing.” When he read about Bigfoot in a True Magizine (1959) he came up with a plan to capture and display the beast, but alas just couldn’t find the hairy guy, so instead he wrote a book. Meanwhile he started a battle with cancer and also started to film a documentary about the monster. In and out of remission, his physical health diminished, he spent the last years of his life on the lecture circuit.

He claimed, even on his death bed, that what he had filmed was real. However there is also the guy who claims that wearing the gorilla suit.

Most of the sighting have been proven to be hoaxes, this I think is hysterical. Just how much free time do you have? Mathew Whitton of Georgia has a lot of free time now that he got fired from his job as a police officer after the Bigfoot hoax, that he staged with pal Rick Dyer, ended up being covered by CNN.

Rick Dyer now leads expeditions searching for Bigfoot in Russia, (and i am not lying – really) for more info and instructions on how to donate to his defense fund, regarding fraud charges go to  Bigfootracker. Both Whitton and Dyer say the 2008 hoax was all in fun, but the Bigfoot community was not entertained; these are people who believe they have seen the creature and are out to prove that what they have witnessed is real.

They were seriously pissed off – well maybe not seriously – but they were pissed off.

Autumn Williams from had this to say on her blog after Whitton accidentally shot himself on the job…that is while he still had one…

“I have a song running through my head suddenly…

Shot through the arm
And you’re to blame
You give Bigfoot
A bad name…

I have nothing but respect for our boys in blue, who risk their lives every day sniffing out the bad guys. I just don’t have much respect for a guy who tries to ruin the credibility of something I’ve worked 18 years to educate the public about.”

And this is all just the tip of the Abominable Iceberg.

There is The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization – who have a massive data base of sightings.

There is also

Wisconsin Bigfoot

Searching for Bigfoot

Bigfoot Sightings

Texas Bigfoot

Virginia Bigfoot Research


Bigfoot Field Guide TV- channel on youtube – for hours of gazing at potential monsters and monster hunters.

If you want to get really lurid you can read up on the sex life of  the Sasquatch.

I can’t say that I am a believer. I wish I was, but with no DNA ever found, no bones or hair samples, no carcass and no big hairy guy accidentally caught in a bear trap, I am firmly a skeptic who thinks that most Bigfoot sightings are a perfect storm combination of  Booze & Bears. But then there is Autumn Williams from, and her many family members who have had personal encounters with the mythic beast. Maybe she has really has seen the creature. She certainly has experienced something profound. I wish her well on her continued research. I hope one day she is able to say “Told you so.” That would be fun and I can take being wrong, she seems like a nice lady.

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