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Dr Who Burlesque – Don’t blink! You’ll miss the boobies…

August 12th, 2010 by Cyndi Freeman

For this month’s Hotsy Totsy Burlesque, Brad, my Co-producer Joe the Shark and I have combined two things we love:
Dr Who and Burlesque.

I love our show. Each month we write a new script in sort of an on-going burlesque soap-opera.

HotsyTotsy's Doctor Who Burlesque Show

For those of you in NYC, here is the info:

Tuesday, August 17th, 9:30pm
@ The Delancey Lounge
168 Delancey, — just two blocks from the F/J train stop. 9:30, $8.

Cherry Pitz and Joe Shark are unaware – but something weird is going on at the Home for Wayward Girls and Fallen Women. Something that only one person can understand. Dr Who. Whatever you do … don’t blink! You’ll miss the boobies!

Cherry Pitz is your host and the show features RunAround Sue, Clams Casino, Apathy Angel, Misty Lux and Billy the Id & Special Guest Candy Cory!

While I am obsessing with Dr. Who, I thought I’d share two fun videos. In this first clip, what you need to know is: The Doctor and his companion Donna Noble have gone back in time and met Agatha Christie. Problem is, people all around Ms. Christie are being murdered. The Doctor gets poisoned, but cyanide is not actually lethal – if you’re not human.

And now a Doctor Who Pole Dance. Golly, I wish I knew this girl. She would so be in our show…

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