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Dr Who Burlesque: In Case You Blinked – Here’s the Boobies

September 20th, 2010 by Cyndi Freeman

As many of you know, we (me and my husband Brad) did a Doctor Who burlesque show on the 17th of last month at Hotsy Totsy Burlesque. We posted here about the show a couple of days before it went up and then BoingBoing picked up the post and BAM! Who Fans. Everywhere, Who fans, Who web sites, Who forums, Who smoke signals! Even in New Zealand.

Who fans made a tremendous turnout at the show and they all showed up with their sonic screwdrivers in pocket. We usually get a pretty decent crowd, but this was crazy. Here we are going to show you some of the pics Jeff took of the show and talk about them. Plus some video shot by Hotsy Totsy co-producer, Joe The Shark.

Brad: First thing you need to know is that we love Doctor Who and we love Burlesque. Both have this DIY sincerity and wit that completely overcome their budget constraints. But, while we are always around people who love burlesque, we aren’t convention people, no particular reason, we just aren’t. That is why this evening was such a rush. Suddenly there was a new group of enthusiasts mingling with our usual group of enthusiasts and it was standing room only. I remember seeing that and not being able to process it. I opened a side door to make one of my entrances and was confronted with a solid wall of bodies. I felt giddy.


Cyndi: My boobs are not space aliens.

Brad: When I came out in the Doctor outfit, that alone got an applause break. But I wasn’t sure I had the fans until I used the term “Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey.” They screamed like David Tennant had shown up in his underwear and I knew they were ours. It was a great feeling. Nerds hate being pandered to by people who think they can just slap a label on something and its good enough. They want to know that you truly love what they love. And we do.


Cyndi: We cast Misty Lux as the Doctor’s companion. Mostly because we felt her real British accent would make Brad’s fake British accent a bit more comical. It did. And she also looked great naked.

Brad: I think a lot of Who Fan dreams were fulfilled by Misty that night.

Cyndi: Some one yelled “Lucky you!” when the Doctor told her to follow him into the Tardis.

Brad: To which I replied: “It’s bigger on the inside. But not that big.” Dirty sci-fi jokes … two people get them, but those two laugh and laugh. This also reminds me of the moment I knew something was up. I was standing outside in my Who get up before the show and this girl walked up, giggled shyly, asked if I was Brad and then wanted a picture. I thought, “Ok, this night is going to be different.


Cyndi: Nasty Canasta has a Doctor Who tattoo on her arm. And a Doctor Who act including a David Tennant style suit even snazzier than Brad’s.

Brad: My Who outfit had problems. None of the nerds missed the fact that I was doing the 10th Doctor and had the 11th Doctor’s screwdriver. They would tell me how much they loved the show and then tack that on the end. But hey, if you get love from fan-boys before the critique, you are doing pretty good by them.

Cyndi: Brad looked really snazzy, though.

Brad: It’s true that her suit is snazzier than mine (as are her boobies) and more authentic (as are her boobies). And then there was her music. Performed by British comic Bill Bailey in the style of Belgium Jazz. To which I will say this to all the nerd boys wondering where all the nerd girls are: The entire burlesque scene is made up of girls who know more about Star Trek than you do, can beat you at any video game, and love to run around naked. LEAVE THE HOUSE!


Cyndi: It turned out that the space monster creating havoc by taking up residence in our toilet was terrified of exposed human female breasts. And so Cherry Pitz whipped em out to defeat the monster.

Brad: As you can tell from what Cyndi just said, Hotsy Totsy scripts are Shakespearean in plot and in the range of human experience they explore. The creature was called the “uunnnnggghhheh!”

Cyndi: But Cherry called it the “toilet monster.”


Cyndi: And then it was over. The Doctor once again saved the world and declared “No one dies today….except for the performer the toilet monster ate… otherwise… No one dies today, everybody lives!

Brad:And now, video.

Cyndi: By the way, Joe’s second camera’s footage got corrupted so the sound is not as good as it usually is. But you can really hear the audience scream at all the funny things said in the show. And he knocked himself out with the opening credits. We love Joe the Shark!

Brad: So, we had a massive turn out for this thing and even received a favorable review, all thanks to the various fan sites that totally ran with this thing. So now we are going to throw a shout out to some of those folks. And look at the pythons on Austin from (who gave us this rocking review). Ladies, we can get this guy on a stage.

Outside Hotsy Totsy

Tardis Newsroom

Tardis Scanner

The Skint/ Free and cheap in New York. Every day

And, special thanks to Xeni Jardin for putting us on BoingBoing!

Last but not least: The photos above are part of a much larger set by Jeff Simmermon. You can see the whole slideshow below, featuring more pics of Cherry Pitz, Misty Lux, and Brad as DoctorWho – plus photos of Runaround Sue, Clams Casino, Apathy Angel, and Veronica Vroom.

And please come to the next Hotsy Totsy Burlesque. With Guest Host Rory Scholl!

Tuesday, September 21st – 9:30pm – $8

Hotsy Totsy Burlesque
The Delancey Lounge
168 Delancey (just two blocks from the F/J train stop)
New York, NY 10002-3490

Join Cherry Pitz, Joe the Shark and special guest Host Rory Scholl at The Home For Wayward Girls and Fallen Women for yet another night of mayhem and flying underpants.

Cherry has a stalker! That makes her as famous as Angela Landsbury – or does it? Turns out he is stalking all the girls at the Home For Wayward Girls and Fallen Women. It’s a “very special” Hotsy Totsy Burlesque as the girls learn they are all special in their own way.
…and Rory learns that needs to wear pants.

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