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How to be a Hipster in 1891: the American Slang Dictionary

August 31st, 2010 by Cyndi Freeman

Congratulations! You have successfully built a time machine and are back in 1890′s.

You’re conversing at the local pub, when the guy next to you says:

“So I there was with my bags of mystery, feeding my potato trap, when a blatherskite asks me to change a wild cat. I said, “bad scran to you!”

How do you understand what he had just told you?

Luckily, you have downloaded this free American Slang Dictionary written in 1891 from

The American Slang Dictionary

Blatherskite: (Irish), a wild and foolish talker and boaster, a cheap orator.

Wild-cat (Am.), Country bank-notes of more than doubtful reputation. Also known as Red Dog and Stumptail.

Potato Trap (Eng.), The Mouth.

Bags of Mystery, Sausages.

Bad Scran To You: (Irish), May you have bad food.

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