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Life on Saint Helena Island: No News is No News

July 20th, 2010 by Cyndi Freeman

When Napoleon went to his final exile, they sent him to a place that was really –  really – really remote, a place from which he could never escape, St Helena Island. I was curious to learn what’s up with St Helena today.

To find out what’s going on, one must go to the most reliable source, high school girls. These girls live there and they are on a mission to get local news on TV. They show us around the island, interview the acting governor His Excellency Andrew Wells and the editor of the St Helena Herald – who was head girl at their school last year.

St Helena is 1,200 miles from Angola, the nearest land mass, and 1,800 miles from Brazil.  A 47 square mile island, it is one of the most remote islands in the world.  Current population is around 4000. There is no airport – yet.  All goods are sent in via Royal Mail Ship: The RMS St Helen. The ship also has rooms available for if you want to cruise there.

Political cartoonists had a great time taking shots at Napoleon and most artwork portrays the island as a rat infested hell hole. In this one Napoleon leads an army of rat soldiers on the Island of St Helena – 1815

This is what the place really looks like. Which is not to say they don’t have rats. They have rats.

What else is going on there today? Well…

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