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Performing at Seth Lind’s “Told!,” Monday, June 21st

June 17th, 2010 by Jeff Simmermon

Man – it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. On the one hand, I’ve been trying to focus more on writing more stories — which, if you want to do it well, is pretty much the opposite of blogging.

And on the other, my God, the Internet just sucks my soul out through my eyeballs. So much blather, so little quality.

But whatever. I’ll be performing at Seth Lind’s “Told” on Monday, June 21st. Show starts at 7PM, but here’s the exciting thing: they’re filming the thing as a TV pilot! It’ll take up some extra seats and they’ll shut the doors for real once the theater fills up, so you might want to get there a bit early.

I’m honored and flattered to be asked, really. I’ve been kinda below the storytelling radar for a while, and this is a great chance to bust up out of the darkness.

Here’s the list of storytellers and more, cobbled from Seth’s promo e-mail:

You’re cordially invited to TOLD #20: Self Worth/Less – stories about loving and hating yourself… and the nonexistent space in between.  I will be back in the hosting seat now that my mysterious sabbatical is complete. Monday June 21st, 7PM.

It’s basically a de-facto TOLD all-star show, including:

MARGOT LEITMAN with a story of the day when the price was very, very far from wrong.

ADAM WADE with a story of getting knocked down and picked back up. Plus, girls!

JEFF SIMMERMON with a story of what happens when your self-worth depends on the success of a super weird idea. Involving chickens

LESLIE GOSHKO on selling out to the suckiest, lamest Man ever.

And PETER AGUERO on plugging the gaping holes in his life.

Plus interludes from NICHOLAS KARDARAS, aka Dr. K, a former drug-addled owner of schmancy nightclubs during the clubkid heyday of late 80s / early 90s NYC… until Giuliani shut them down and Nick became a clinical psychologist. What? Yep.

It is not hyperbole to say this is a group of the best stage storytellers on Earth.

Note: we’re filming this show with a few cameras, which will take up some of the seats. So you are advised to arrive early to get a spot.

All for the low low or high high price of whatever you feel like paying.

TOLD #20: Self Worth/Less
Monday June 21 – 7PM
Under St. Mark’s Theater
94 St. Mark’s Place – E. Village
Pay what you will

Hosted by Seth Lind
Produced by Heidi Grumelot
Presented by Horse Trade

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