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And I Am Not Lying, Live at the Kraine Theater on April 17th

April 6th, 2011 by Jeff Simmermon

I’d apologize for being all self-promotional, except I’m not really all that sorry. See, back in December me and my friends David William and Brad Lawrence and Cyndi Freeman put on a live show loosely based on this very blog that we work on (or slack on, more typically) together. And you know what? It went REAL well!

It went so well that we’re now being asked to do another one in a theater that’s double the size. I’m trying to put asses into seats here.

But look: we’re going to be telling stories, seeing some comedy, watching a puppet get all its teeth yanked out at the dentist and then look at some belly-dancing and burlesque.

There’s going to be a whole lot of shaking going on in between all the sensitive people telling witty stories about their precious feelings. Balances it out nicely, I think.

Here’s a flyer, followed by a trailer. Detailed info after the jump:

And I Am Not Lying Live, 4.17.2011

Featuring storytelling performances by:
Brad Lawrence, Jeff Simmermon & Cyndi Freeman
Comedy by Matt McCarthy
Burlesque by Cyndi Freeman & Apathy Angel
Puppetry by Z. Briggs

The show is Sunday, April 17th at 8PM at the Kraine theater: 85 East Fourth Street, between Bowery and Second Avenue, New York City. It costs 8 measly bucks for all that real live entertainment, and then there’s a bar upstairs too.

Many of you don’t even live in New York and some of you don’t live in the United States. Some of you aren’t even real.
But you wouldn’t keep coming back here unless you had a hankering for something real and weird and unforgettable — and on that front we can DELIVER.

Hope we see you on the 17th.

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