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Standard Issues Volume 10

April 7th, 2011 by Brad Lawrence

Standard Issues volume 10 is up – maybe episode 10? If you have opinions on whether podcasts should have episodes or volumes, let me know – and this one features features an emergency call to Japan’s version of 911 by someone who does not speak Japanese and happens to be on LSD,  a piece of high school writing that the adult who wrote it was brave enough to share on stage, and testimony from someone who went to a wilderness camp that has now been shuttered for child endangerment.

If you have been following the podcast you might remember that I started off with a couple of interviews with storytellers in New York. Well, I am about to do a new round of that. This time, to coincide with the AndIAmNotLying live show on the 17th, the sit down will be with all the folks who contribute to this blog.

So, check out Volume or Episode 10, and then come back next week for 11 and to hear the inspiration for all of this right from Jeff, David, and Cyndi. And me.

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