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The Standard Issues Podcast Launches Today.

February 2nd, 2011 by Brad Lawrence

I really love podcasts. They are intimate and portable little visits with people and ideas and information. If it is a podcast with a lot of interaction by regulars it can be like sitting in on a gathering of friends. And depending on the atmosphere – studio or a live audience, just two people talking or a bunch of folks jumping into the conversation – it can either be a really smart coffee break or a big rolling party. All while you shop for snow boots or wait for your train or make dinner. I would say about sixty percent of my entertainment hours are spent on podcasts. That leaves thirty percent for Buffy reruns and much less time for porn than one might have thought.

Anyway, all of this is why I decided to make a podcast of my own. The Standard Issues live show is now The Standard Issues podcast. However, a lot of storytelling shows are recording their performers and putting out a podcast. And we will be doing that as well. But for our first time out, we wanted to start off in a different direction right from the beginning and so I had a sit down conversation with some of the best storytellers in the New York scene to talk about what storytelling is and how they got into it. This will be a regular part of the show along with live performances and that is a combination that encompasses what makes the form so enjoyable to me.  I am feeling like this could be something really special. Here is the link.

Standard Issues on iTunes.

By the way, there is a very long discussion about the crafting of a story by Jeff for his recent GrandSLAM appearance. Hopefully, he will find a way to post some version of that very soon. And we will be recording new episodes of the Podcasts live on two dates this month – First at Domino Effect at Fifth Estate, February 15th, and then at The Standard Issues live show at Pacific Standard, February 22nd.

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