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And I Am Not Lying at Union Hall on 5/1: With Mat Fraser, Julie Atlas Muz, and Hari Kondabolu

April 18th, 2012 by Jeff Simmermon

The last few weeks have been a blur of shows for me, Brad and Cyndi. All this performing is like training for a fight: you hit that bag hard for a month so you can bring it HARD when the bell rings for real.

All this is to say that it’s time once again to leave a pair of smoking rubber tracks on stage at Union Hall with the And I Am Not Lying LIVE show, cock-rocking the NPR crowd with the best comedy, storytelling and burlesque in NYC.

If that tiny bit of promo copy that I half-assed during a conference call was enough to make you want to get tickets already, you can do that here: And I Am Not Lying LIVE at Union Hall on May 1.

Here’s a poster, more on the performers after the jump:

And I Am Not Lying at Union Hall, 5.1.2012

Most storytelling shows around here have a theme. This one is the same, but the theme is the same every month: KICK ASS. We don’t pick guests that aren’t awesome, but I’m particularly thrilled about this month’s guests.

Mat Fraser and Julie Atlas Muz did our show back in December and just wrecked the place. Every time I’ve seen them perform I’ve had no idea what I’m seeing, except that what I’m seeing is hilarious and twisted and impossible to imitate. Both times I’ve seen them I’ve just ended up screaming.

Mat Fraser and Julie Atlas Muz will be rejoining us with a burlesque act, and Mat’s going to tell a story as well.

This is a video of Mat and Julie from our December show. It’s a sweet little medley of cabaret classics, but also totally unsafe for work and the best, strangest thing you’ll see all week:

Hari Kondabolu went on the first comedy tour of India by Indian-American comedians in the “Make Chai, Not War” tour a few months ago. I’ve been a fan since I saw him at Eugene Mirman’s “Pretty Good Friends.”

And of course, we’ll have storytelling by me (Jeff Simmermon), Brad Lawrence, and Cyndi Freeman – and Cyndi and Brad will do a burlesque act, too.

Hope we see you there – this is NOT one to miss. Once again, that’s

Comedy by Hari Kondabolu
Storytelling by Mat Fraser, Jeff Simmermon, Brad Lawrence, and Cyndi Freeman
Burlesque by Julie Atlas Muz, Mat Fraser, Brad Lawrence and Cyndi Freeman

Tickets right here: And I Am Not Lying LIVE at Union Hall on May 1.

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