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More Naked Ladies and Comedy! Hotsy Totsy Burlesque Tuesday May 15th @ R Bar 8pm

May 13th, 2012 by Cyndi Freeman

I took a year off from producing my monthly Burlesque show and I missed it! Storytelling is certainly one of my favorite things but I also really love performing naked (or in g-string and tassels)

If You were at the last And I Am Not Lying Live, my story was about that and also about the difference between exploitation and fun in sexy art-forms. This month my Hosty Totsy show makes fun of that same struggle.

Hotsy Totsy is an ongoing burlesque soap opera. Each epsisode takes place during the “monthly fundraiser at The Home For Wayward Girls and Fallen Women” and in each show there is some back stage drama that plays out between the burlesque acts. This month gangster Nickles Lugo (Played by Nelson Lugo) attempts to take over the Home and to turn it into a money making venture (AKA a strip-club and brothel.) The girls fight back wanting to keep things playful and sweet the way we like it!

When asked to describe my burlesque show HOTSY TOTSY BURLESQUE, I tell people it is like the Muppet show if you substituted puppets with naked girls.

But even the Muppets thought was a good idea.

However, they were a family show and we are not!

I am thrilled to be working once again with Nelson Lugo  (seen here to the right with my co-producer Joe The Shark to the left and me as Cherry Pitz in the cozy middle)

Nelson who is known for many things including Epic Win Burlesque: By Nerds, For Nerds….featuring burlesque tributes on topics from Star Wars Vs Star Trek to Ghost Busters.

The fun with Hotsy Totsy is that I get to do two of my favorite things: comedy & burlesque. In this video which was part of a show where we worked with Nelson and Schaffer the Darklord to spoof The Odd Couple.

Tuesday’s show also features an all-star cast including: Evelyn Vnyl, Francinee, Gin Minsky, Jenny C Quoi, Kita St Cyr, Ruby Solitaire, Bunn YBuxom with Bobbie Chaset behind the bar, Joe The Shark Naftali at the door and drink specials by Sailor Jerry!

And I can not do a post on burlesque without giving you a burlesque act from And I Am Not Lying Live! Here is a clip of me doing a strip as Cherry Pitz

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