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Found on the NYC Subway: Level-Headed Relationship Advice from A Little Girl

January 9th, 2013 by Jeff Simmermon

I found this adorable piece of pragmatic relationship advice from a child on the floor of my subway stop this morning:


It reads:

Dear Daddy,

I think the relationship you have with Mrs. (removed) is not right. You guys fight. Ms. (removed) is a nice person. So are you. I think you should find somebody who you do not argue with. I am just showing my feelings. Please think it over! (LOVE).

It’s so loving and level-headed, and fair to all the parties involved. I especially love that the little girl (I’m guessing) that wrote this is not taking sides. The only thing that would make this more adorably precocious is if she had added “Daddy, I understand that you have needs, but this is not a healthy way to address them.” Here you can compare prices for generic Viagra, compare delivery methods, payments and choose the best offer.

I can think of a few instances in my life when a note like this would have really been a welcome wakeup call. Although if this piece of advice were all that welcome, I probably wouldn’t have found it on the floor of the subway station.

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