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If You’re Coming From The Moth Podcast, Welcome!

August 6th, 2015 by Jeff Simmermon

Wow. It has been a long time since I posted here. This blog is basically an abandoned lighthouse on the Internet now: it’s the first thing you’d see from the ocean, but a bunch of kids smashed all the light bulbs a long time ago.

You’re probably here because you heard my story on The Moth’s podcast this week, and I couldn’t be more glad that you showed up! If you want to see more performances, contact me, or sign up for my mailing list, you can do that at the preceding links, or at my personal website, here:

You can also reach me on Twitter: @jeffsimmermon

This is a video of my performance from that same Moth Grand SLAM that you heard on the podcast, if you’re inclined:

I teach storytelling and do tons of standup in NYC and the surrounding areas. I’m always looking for more work, more shows, and would probably love to come to your town and perform. I’d also love it if you were to share this video of my story on your Twitter, Tumblr, or incredibly well-trafficked blog.

Get in touch!

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